Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Suggestion: how to post public info on Camfor.com chatting list

Find out other friends’ profile of Camfog, Chatting website directory allow you to search for top 50 profiles in Camfog ranking. This list showed information of any account with status, nickname, place(Point), age, sex, location and photo(if they didn’t set as private). Using  this  tool make pretty easy to search more friends and you can also search for all user who have recently create new account on Camfog(chatting and webcamming Site) according to your location which major provide you automatically point current position. And search tool provide nickname list of user who are not native in your country, it’s mean we can meet new friends with chatting on Camfog webcaming.

Go to this url : http://profiles.camfrog.com to access another profile info. Directory filter the search result by 2 character of country code. If you live in England and need to talk with friends who exactly came from England you should filter list result by “/en” (black slash en) after main address URL. It seem like this : http://profiles.camfrog.com/en . Scroll mouse down to show more friends list and also click on load more button to load more user into chatting list.

Now it’s time to create your own information. Click on register and complete needed public info which want to submit into list. Camfog web will use user’s public about information to display for other people. And  waiting for proper person who want to chat with you. Add friend and start using their streaming webcaming program to enjoy talking new friends.  Last important thing, take care your public data because it will shown in public list and each other can track you another account with the same name or password.