Sunday, January 9, 2011

Chatville the Facebook Webcamming App

 Chatville, like one webcamming sites

You add friends, you play games but have you ever use video chat application? On Facebook site, like others webcamming sites, Facebook have same project about video chat online with easy access app. You can talk with your friends with only HD webcam and you can invite another friend to join chat room. So it’s private chat because only close friends can see your online status and start connect with you. Who weren’t your friends can add new before webcamming.

What different from others webcamming sites?

Face book is great social network and everyone loves it. You can post your friends’ wall or invite them to you event, Chatville does it too. It’s easy learning and has permission before connect. In other webcamming sites, there ask you to allow turn on webcam before start scanning for friends. So invite (Chat with friends) or not invite (Random user) is the different.

Now let’s you know how to connect with friends on Chatville
Chatville is a new Facebook app which pairs the fun of anonymous webcam chat with greater security, plus an ultra fun Photo Booth feature.

Allow Chatville Access to Facebook

After accessing the Chatville App Web Site, a window will appear prompting users to allow access to Facebook. Click "Allow" to launch Chatville.

Next, Chatville users must allow the Facebook application access to your webcam and microphone.

Make sure your webcam and microphone are connected on your computer, and click "Allow" to let Chatville launch your webcam and access your microphone.

Upon clicking "Start a New Game," Facebook users will be connected to a random, anonymous Chatville user.

To switch users, click "Next" to disconnect and connect with a new random Chatville user.

How to chat with friends

Want to chat via text? There may be a time when a Chatville user does not have a microphone connected, or the microphone is muted. To communicate, use the chat room underneath the webcam video windows to chat.

Want to chat with Facebook friends on Chatville? Move beyond random anonymous Chatville users and invite your friends for a webcam chat by clicking the "Chat with Friends" tab, and selecting a friend to connect.

Once your friend responds, they will be conecting on Chatville with you for a webcam and audio chat.

Facebook make chat room very simply using and not hard to learn in a minute. Moreover Chatville also have special mode for taking photo on this app (See app for wbcamming sites)