Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun with webcamming sites

You know how to chat online with webcam on any webcamming sites. Many websites provide you only video chat, does it enough for excite chat? If you chat to each other with different app that helps webcamming time fun and easier, you should read this content.
Almost of web applications have developed by programmer so it’s hard to see a lot of good app on webcamming sites.  The applications below needed things in webcamming sites.

1. Video capture :  Can website capture you recent behavior and send it into profile pictures.

2. Text messages: It’s a board that can write messages and send to each another while you are chatting. Or when you miss connection with webcamming sites, board can help you define problem to your friend.

3. Gadgets:  There have many gadgets that make chat time and video call on webcamming sites easier. Main idea in fast connection and have call your friends suddenly. Get html code and paste into your sites or tag it as favorite webcamming sites.

4. Emotion: Just like other instant messenger, emoticon is representing your felling that time. There have a lot of emotion icon make by flash. Its a little gif animates.

5. Photo effect: Can it provide effect to your photo, and set it in lomo, blur, crop pictures or insert frame. So you don’t need Photoshop or other programs.

Sometimes you need other programs to help making your photo looks better. Only online app on webcamming sites didn’t enough for every situation. Looking for webcamming programs click here