Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is ManyCam ?

Hello every one again, do you have a nice day or nice people on webcamming sites? I have new update about webcamming ability. Yes i mean a good program i wanna preview today, it's ManyCam.

one more program for fun webcamming, Many Cam is now on version 2.6.30 and still the best one of webcamming extension. We know that many webcamming sites have special plugin gives comfortable and exciting but ManyCam also has good effect too.

>>>Link for download click HERE

>>>More information and another exciting webcamming program

Now I'll explain about ManyCam option that provide you very very fun option; Click on Effect tab to see more option of webcamming effect for example Object, Backgrounds,Face accessories, Text over vdo.
Just try to play on effect you like on ManyCam 2.6.30
The picture shows that he mask his face with Bear Mask option 

Let's see on clever webcam tracking on this program, the picture below shows that he has the right big eyes position because program have engine to analyse every face component before display on your computer 
Thank for reading I'm just a boy who love to chat and webcamming, I want not to allow any comments because I need to take the first blog without any complaining about my language. This blog just a little project to be a good writer, please e-mail me at webcammingstee@gmail.com if you have big comment and need me to do something. Thank a lot again, good luck every one.