Saturday, October 1, 2011

Make your webcamming as Gif

It's real fun on social streaming with making your video into Gif images. How fun if you had madness animation avatar on whole profile? now it's real to make some short of video's part as movement image, the first thing you should have is webcam and the other is internet.

If you had upload your webcamming funny activity on any webcamming sites, please upload again  on Youtube because Gifsoup allows only vdo on above site. After that, let's open new account to access member part and start generate image with your vdo links. It's very easy with 3 step which i'll repeat again.

First :     Your should upload your vdo cam from any webcamming sites to Youtube
Second : Register, build new user to enable link generator
Last :      Choose your animation style and choose start time on vdo

Now your have new gif animation of excite webcamming to show your close friends. Moreover you can take this picture to new Gif avater of any webcaaming sites but make sure that sites allow animation avatar( Easy look up, check the max storage in Mb)