Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google+ just another webcamming sites

Recently Google has new big project of social network against Facebook, yes! it's Google plus. And a cool feature is GG hang out which allow up to 10 people join conversation with webcamming. Just a new webcamming room.

We have known that many webcamming sites allow more than 2 people chat together so GG+ is not new and it's just took old ability to be new feature. Webcamming had seen in Skype and very boom in that time with free issue. Later facebook has webcamming with friend but it's interested. So webcamming is base of every social network. Let's look at future.

How fast of internet connecttion we need?
Try to think, if we have transfer 10 streaming in the same time, it'll touch your bandwidth limit and make other people in your local area network serious. Hang out is now on test and should be improved.