Monday, June 24, 2013

TinyChat the biggest chatting & broadcast

           Just a minute talking about a top “chatting site”, this is TinyChat.  Today I got a review how to start using webcamming on TinyChat. This chatting site allows people of any age and also welcomes everyone who didn’t own webcam built in with personal computer, just come and join the chat room you want.
          Typewrite into web browser URL and clicks enter. The first page of webcaming board show whole recent opened chat room separate by kind of chat room category. They have 9 channels follow below list

+ All : All of chat room, which have been created
+ Popular  : the most watching count and hot activity inside
+ NSFW    : you must be 18 or older to connect
+ Comedy : Some things which can make you laugh
+ Entertainment : Enjoy yourself, not things serious here
+ Gaming  : Mostly about gaming, so you can talk with gamer here
+ Hanging Out : 24/7 we be your friends until sun rise
+ Late Night  : Ladies paradise
+ Technology  : Update tech news or reviewing please come here
+ Teen : Chatting, fun and have new cool friends

Main Chatting page has designed similar to Pinterest, they show one picture (can use Gif image type) with short information of room’s host per box. And cool function is you can display Gif animation images into box header, making interested than others. Inside board post box, it shows room health and webcaming status by counting how many broadcasting and how many people who still watching. It’s pretty easy to find out where is hot.
There are 3 way to access chatting room, connect with facebook account, twitter profile and come as guest. At first, you can write to others a text with public comment or send him/her private text by click on person name who want to contact. With social network logging in, shared chat room link into facebook home is very easy by click on shared button on title bar.  Start broadcast is needed, show off your style and turn webcam on but in other hand you can only watch and join text talking in comment box if host allow.

chatting & webcaming

Some chatting room have password protect so this’s another way to make it private but they sometimes post the room password into box info, I think that’s good way to filter people who wanna join. TinyChat also had mobile applications in store, available on both platforms iOS and Android, cool ways to contact people while you were outside computer.
Upgrade account is important if you want extend functional. High-Quality,Fullscreen Video, No Advertisements, Camera Filters & Effects,Pro Badges, Priority Directory Listing. Pro account will display avatar with little “pro” green logo. Write you nickname and join webcamingwith us.

chatting & webcaming
This image shown all broadcast people in Teen chat room. Description: 57 guest have online and there are 8 webcamming with boys and girls still enjoy this room.