Thursday, May 12, 2011

Learn by webcamming

Have you ever seen lesson online in e-book, e-learning type? It's popular in some countries where support student to learn at home because  they cannot go to school. Although expert didn't agree with this learning method but it's still useful in some type of media and other past-time study. Today we'll show you which we can learn online using webcam in any webcamming learn sites.

1. Lesson online
It's allow webcamming from teacher to student. Becareful to choose teacher, please look for his/her graduate information before start learning. The site is designed to connect students and teachers all over the world. Find your perfect teacher and learn via your webcam. Focussed one to one learning where you set the pace and ask questions that matter to you. If it can be taught via webcam it can be taught, anything goes! Most of webcamming sites provides the platform to manage, advertise or choose your lessons. The lessons take place using standard video conferencing tools such as Skype, Oovoo, MSN and Yahoo. We manage the financial transactions, scheduling and feedback, leaving you free to simply teach or learn. So choose you lovely platform and start webcamming. 

2. Music webcamming
"Do not play music alone" I think there is a concept for music webcamming because teacher can shared technique about your instrument and steam the best song for beginners. You can find many past-time  online teachers in many webcamming sites and choose your interest to find your couple easily. If you want fast learning you should find for "page review" to find proper websites before start learning because it need to paid and they'll give you time countdown with 1 hour/day or more.

3.Tourist webcamming 
Before going to some countries, English isn't enough, you must learn there basic language for example to hello, ask place etc. It suit for alone tour or trip without guide because it can reduce cost of trip. Many 
tourist webcamming sites allow you to find your personal guide or learn about how to live in there countries, about food, culture with steaming chat.