Friday, April 29, 2011

Webcamming Sites - The best webcamming right now!

Stickcam, it's the domain name of famous webcamming social network with the plenty of people using per days. Today I wanna tell you  how to join this society and start webcamming

How to Go Live

  • You can broadcast live video on Stickam easily using any webcam.
  • Be sure the camera you are using is plugged in and turned on before launching your web browser. Also make sure no other application is currently accessing your camera (eg, Gtalk, Photo Booth, Skype, etc.)
    • Click on the Go Live button in the upper right hand corner of the site to start your own live chat session.
    • A prompt for Adobe Flash Player Settings will appear and ask for permission to access your Webcam and Mic. Click Allow.

    TIP: To avoid having to do this every time, Right Click (or control click) the screen and chooseSettings.

    Check the Remember box under the Privacy tab and then the Close button

    Input Setting
    • Choose the appropriate Video and Microphone source.
    Privacy Setting
    • Choose the privacy level that you are comfortable with for your chat room:
    Who can enter my Stickam chat:
    • Members Only allows only Stickam Members to join your chat.
    • Friends Only allows on people on your friends list to join your chat.
    Who can view my video:
    • Everyone allows anybody visiting your profile to see your live stream.
    • Only people that enter my Stickam chat means that your live stream will remain hidden until a user enters into the chatroom.
    Room Settings:
    • Allow guests to start a video feedenables 6 guest camera slots users in your room can join.
    • Allow Stickam text chat enables users in your chatroom.
    • Allow Twitter chat enables the twitter chat tab. Any chats posted here will link back to your stickam profile automatically via the posters Twitter feed.
    • Hashtag automatically inserts a custom hashtag for your twitter chat.
    • Show Description is for a brief description of your live stream. It shows up on your profile and if you are featured, on the front page player.
    • Click the Start button and you are now live!