Sunday, May 15, 2011

QR code & Webcamming

Your webcam can do more than only webcamming to your friends but it still have other cool future. Today we'll learn about association of QR and webcamming, how it relate?

Do you know QR code?
QR was used as a shot link to public websites by capture picture, so it's most usage on mobile phone which have both camera and 3G(or WIFI connection) because it'll connect in real time and show that QR information. For example, you would like to know about new release album or webcamming sites and it's QR code  on its poster so you capture and go to official websites.

How it relate with webcamming sites?
"Promote" is the best answer because not only smart phone which can scan but also PC webcam. If you want to shout you webcamming sites (your profile page) it's useful to find new friends. It depends on your applying, it scan really fast. Just another way to find new friends

How to create QR?
It's pretty easy because you can use free program or free application on App store and Android market. The first thing you should know about some QR creator on Android is it's many apps that record your private information, position of phone. Please read for permission completely before install any programs. Second, start running program and look for generate QR to begin input your website name. System'll provide black and white picture which can translate in your webcamming sites name.