Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let's tag [#] your webcamming photo!

Now look at the social network , the popular way to shared your photo is Instragram. Many web Instragram  allow user to view each other picture they were follow in this network, so if you use tagging method to attach  a little brief nickname of photo, it's very easy to find out the whole world photo which related with it's tagging name.
 " To the end of photo post in web Instragram, you can write sharp (#) and compose with nickname, just like 'Webcamming' or 'WebcamingSite'. A second later, your lovely photo will automatic upload with tagging name. If you set up privacy of that image into public to allow other people could see.

Website would give your a result of tagging search, for example of searching in word 'webcamming' on you should see picture frame and info box of public photo.

One more thing, please read privacy policy before any post. It'll make better security to account and all your right reserve of any pictures.Try tagging your instragram photo now to make more chance to find new friends in public network.