Saturday, August 6, 2011

HD video conferencing by ViVu

ViVu is the webcamming sites where made you easy to meeting other people with HD webcamming

Look for this smart program, Vivu has VuRoom which has this feature :

HD Video Collaboration for Business Users!
›  Connect from your browser or plug-in to Skype/Lync
›  Share slides, multimedia files, or your desktop
›  Record VuRoom sessions for instant TiVo-like playback

So it's connect with Skype account to start webcamming, as you know Skype is very easy with new V8 codec that provide you very fast transfer VDO chat. Anther way to improve your chat ability, use there VuRoom program  to extend cool features.

Look for business comments :

"ViVu has already demonstrated technology leadership in enterprise-class videoconferencing with its MXTP™ technology"

→ Manju Hegde, Corporate Vice President, AMD

"ViVu allows us to share our summit with thousands of people from around the world who aren't able to attend in person"

Tony Perkins, Founder, AlwaysOn Network

"ViVu opened up rich learning and researching opportunities for our remote participants... the incredible ease-of-use that ViVu offers is very impressive."

→ Allison Nickerson,     Cornell University

Just give your idea to have nice experience with webcamming issue. Check out the best webcamming sites or other HD webcamming.