Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Find new friends with youre webcamming photo

Webcamming photo : what's it ?

Webcam photo is  website which allow you to upload photo by taking with webcam only. Just gor people who interest in webcamming, the website includes little informations of pictures like date of upload etc. Now there are 16409 people interest to enjoy couple with his/her photo which taken by there webcams.

first page of webam-photo
In my opinion,it's too difficult to give your interest and focus on people you need to make friends because it will be random by upload time so they usually note small text on photos to give there mood and tone in that time. Other thing, people who upload first in database will be found to hard because the site hadn't search box.

It's simple, quick and free to shared your webcamming time pic with your friends. let's try upload on webcamming photo sites, offical webcamming sites