Friday, April 8, 2011

Check your webcam

Before you start chatting on any webcamming sites, you need to check your web camera and find out the problem for troubleshoot device or other problem.

Today i have fun test webcamming on Youtube that many people who upload his/her video of checking web camera.  It's some real fun but it's good information if he/she use the same webcam model. Because if he has problem, he'll tell you how to fix it. Moreover some device has function that you have never know, so learn his/her test webcamming to check your cam in the same time.

Please enjoy the video

Thank DCTFtube for his webcamming test

If you want to test online without any program (that need to install in you drive), you can check with official site of your webcam band. I see many webcamming websites have test function and you can start scan for problem very easy.