Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Connect the world by webcamming sites

In iPhone ability, Face time is the evolution to talk with your friend with phone call and video without webcamming sites but it’s not new technology. Its prototype is come from a video chat or video meeting that use in various countries with only pair of cable and high speed internet. In the past we have hard to connect everyone into one place because the limited of transfer connection. It has improved and now we can send files, shared pictures or video call easily.

How to meet friends without cost?
The problem begins when you want to talk to your friends or member in your family. Yes, it’s very expensive although you talk only 10 minutes. Many people solve this by using webcam and webcamming sites because it’s too many hosting that has free call promotion. I mean non charging cost and relative with easy learning programs. For examples: Skype, MSN messenger, Google video etc. So there have a little different from any host, if you separate with transfer rate and HD mode. Sometime I see some people call with their friends with proper connection rate, it’s usually maximum at 320 x 240 of high resolution. Plus with low definition, the result is not-human video call. Limited of webcam is the main cause. We use low resolution and baby web cameras that make your face blur and hard to identify who you are. Using HD webcam is the best way to display symmetry face on other screen.

Why we need to talk?
Meeting people in other countries by webcam is now possible. Whatever you talk, meeting, chat or video call can assemble in one place by webcamming sites.

Webcam has used in many reason, sometime looks good some time look bad, so you should choose trusty webcamming sites that provide high quality and in convention of law.